mission statement

to propose that the cyclical nature of the fashion industry equates that desired trends already exist in the marketplace; therefore there is an opportunity to foster a no-waste system: an alternate notion to fast fashion.

hi, i'm anna.

i have a passion for curation, trend forecasting, & helping everyone find their style. creating a business within fashion that produced new garments into a wasteful society didn't feel right-so I took my passion for curation to the local thrift, garage sales, estate sales, antique bring these hidden gems to light, represented as the standalone art pieces that they are: genderless & open to interpretation. hope you enjoy <3

Pricing Strategy

original price + acquisition, curation, & styling (20%) + investment into new collections (20%)

= retail price *

*we thought we would be radically transparent and let you know our pricing strategy. hope that's okay.

care for your pieces.

a care guide is included with each order to inspire better consumers and a cleaner planet.